Bright Ruin – Vic James (Book thoughts in 300 words and 3 gifs)

Four ‘Skilled’ stars ????

‘Bright Ruin’ is the last novel of Vic James’s debut series about an alternative United Kingdom which has plenty of magic, political and sociological issues, emotionally and physically tortured people and lots and lots of intrigue.

The world is as beautiful as before but seems to sit at a standstill. With too many character arcs to consider and finish off, there is little room for expansion of the world. Second book made me think we would see more of the international world but this was not the case unfortunately.

The plot flows nicely from the last book. It is all about tying loose ends for all the scattered characters and making opportunities for them to end up at the same place in the end. A completely new storyline is introduced (The King) which was interesting but also seemed rushed and unfinished. Its only purpose seemed to be to set up the end for Silyen and Luke; and I can’t say that was too successful either.

The characters are still this novel’s strongest point. There is not much development in this book, it feels like Ms James was rushing to make sure everyone gets a coherent ending. The whole thing with Luke and Silyen was just odd and while I thoroughly enjoyed one particular scene (wink, wink) it was a lot less than I was hoping for.

Romances were developed only to have parts of them ripped apart by death, so it was very bittersweet – no one was safe and a few plot twists made me really unhappy as I was invested in the characters. What was the point of getting into so much detail if they were just destined to die soon after being introduced as a character/couple?

The writing style is still as beautiful. Very polished. Ms James writes eloquently and commands language very well to provide the reader with an easy way to distinguish which character’s POV they are currently observing the story from.

The Panda Meter

World ???

Plot ???

Characters ????

Pace ????

Writing Style ????

Plus half a ? for the ending. It was a realistic, open ending. Things were heavily implied so as far as I’m concerned there were no cliffhangers. But spin-off please?

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