Tarnished City – Vic James (Book thoughts in 300 words and 3 gifs)

Three and a half ‘Skilled’ stars ????

‘Tarnished city’ is the second novel of Vic James’s debut series about an alternative United Kingdom which has plenty of magic, political and sociological issues, emotionally and physically tortured people and lots and lots of intrigue.

The world expands before the reader in this book, introducing not only international aspects but also a different dimension – the world made of Skill. Some questions are answered (How is the UK allowed such atrocities, what about phones and social media?) while other are raised continuously to attract the reader’s attention (Where does Skill come from? What is it exactly?)

The plot thickens following events from the first book. The pace is improving. There is more of the characters interacting and less about them casually mentioning the history of things. The story is definitely a lot more compelling and had me turning pages like crazy. Magnificent endings to chapters made me crave just one page more and unexpected plot twists sparing no one’s fate kept me at the edge of my seat. I’m definitely hooked at this point.

The characters are still this novel’s strongest point. Silyen! Gavar! Bouda! I am exclaiming because they have grown so much and have been built so beautifully I would struggle to review this without spoilers. So I will leave it at this – read on, you won’t be disappointed. Multi-faceted characters are my drug of choice.

The romance part of the story blossoms in this book. I find myself frequently gasping as I read the well-written scenes of the characters exploring their never-simple feelings for themselves and each other. I have a few predictions for unexpected couples following events in this book – and this is the best compliment to an author – keep readers interested, keep them guessing, keep them shipping!  

The writing style is still as beautiful. Ms James writes eloquently and command language very well to provide the reader with an easy way to distinguish which character’s POV they are currently observing the story from. Only reason this section did not receive five stars is that the more obscure words are not always suitable to the books YA audience and some teenagers might find it difficult to read.

The Panda Meter

World ????

Plot ????

Characters ?????

Pace ????

Writing Style ????

Minus half a ? for the cliffhanger ending. I’m biased because I hate them in all media. Sorry not sorry!

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